Are you passionate about sustainability and creative reuse? We are too!

We have resources suitable for all ages. You don't have to be an Educator to engage with our content - just have a keen interest in Creative Reuse.

            RGQ's 2021 Community Art Project will bring together 6 local community creatives to help us artistically green the facade of our renovated workshop facilities at 7 Burke Street, Woolloongabba.

            Each successful Eco Creative will receive a payment of $1000 and be given a window of 6 weeks to complete the installation of their respective panel.

            Find out more and apply here

            2020 Rescue-A-Barrel Community Art Project

            Our barrels are a signature to our shop floor and an extension of our kookie and eclectic personality

            Meet the contributing local artists

            Angela Heilig


            Ann Gibb  

            The Artful Grimmer  

            Anna Markula  

            Girl and the Deep Blue Sea  

            Bess Sviecka  


            Brianna Merrett  

             Brush and Bristol

            Bridie White

            Grandma's House  

            Dianne Conroy  


            Erin Kennedy  


            Eve Simpson

             Peele Deels  

            Jacinta Palmer


            Jacq Cronin


            Jess Rankine

             Chop Shop Designs  

            Jesse Irwin  


            Josh Murphy  

             Smelly Chops  

            Kathy Gardiner  

            The Naked Gardiner  

            Lyn Graham  


            MacGregor OSHC


            Matt Adams  

             Infinife Designs

            Mercedes Walter


            Osharni Clarice  

            Pebbles and Moss Embroidery  

            Paola Castro  


            Rose Walsh


            Shahni Bidwell


            Sunday Jemmott

            Sunday's Art Club

            Tanya Cotton


            Tegan Bain


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            between 9 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Thursday.

            Reverse Garbage Queensland Co-op Ltd acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we operate in Woolloongabba - the Yuggera and Turrbul people. RGQ recognises their continuing sovereignty and connection to land and water, and pays respect to elders past and present.

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