Fabric and Textiles - Maxi pack

Fabric and Textiles - Maxi pack

Fabric and Textiles - Maxi pack

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A large range of fabrics (cotton, lycra, polar fleece, silk, canvas), ribbon, hatbands, elastic, netting, tablecloths, flag offcuts and more. Enough materials for 100 participants.

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Textiles and Fabrics

Lycra, leather, flags, banners, calico, silky hair and fishing net are all some of the materials  selected from ranging from small samples to large pieces Sort based on colour or texture or use simple stitching for sustainable embroideryCut, tie and weave to make wall hangings; add textures to collages or make soft sculptures.

Educators who ordered this box made:

  • Costumes

  • Bags, wallets, purses

  • Wearable Art

  • T-shirt yarn and jewellery

  • Weaving pieces

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