Robots and Space Explorers - Maxi pack

Robots and Space Explorers - Maxi pack

Robots and Space Explorers - Maxi pack

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Create robots or space explorers with control panels, buttons, dials & antennae using wire, foam, card, boxes, fabric, circuits, electrical components, metals, stickers and more. Makes 100.

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Robots and Space Explorers

Make robots and spaceships using cups, tubes, boxes, foam, stickers, electrical components and other discards. Create control panels, buttons, dials and wires. Explore the future of space travel by building space ships, launch pads and space stations. You might even see some UFOs!

Curriculum Recommendations:

Australian CurriculumPrep: Chemical & Physical Sciences, Visual Arts
Y3 & Y4: Visual Arts
Early Years Learning FrameworkOutcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners

Educators who ordered this box made:

  • Robots and space ships

  • Aliens

  • Satellites

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